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There are so many devices and so many cables out there, it can be confusing and overwhelming trying to find out which combination you need to connect with confidence.

That’s why we have come up with this Comsol guide to connecting different devices. Whether your charging or transferring data, we have you got you covered.

Computers and Printers

USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 cables

These cables quickly transfer data such as full length movies, files and images.

Both your PC and devices require USB 3.0 ports to take advantage of faster speeds.

Connect devices such as mouse, MP3 player, external hard drive and PC/Mac.

FireWire cables

Allows fast data and transfer speeds for large files such as video or audio.

Connect devices such as video cameras and PC/Mac.

eSata cables

eSata has fast speeds so you can reduce load times and access your files without delay.

Connect devices such as external hard drives, MacBook/Laptops, PC/Mac.

Displays and Monitors

RCA and 3.5mm Stereo cables

Get good quality audio and video signals with these analogue AV cables. Choose these cables for analogue devices.

Connect devices such as DVD players, games consoles, stereos and TVs

HDMI Cables

Delivers both audio and video digitally through a single cable, providing a pixel perfect image every time. Choose these cables for digital devices.

Connect devices such as projectors, Blu-ray or DVD players, games consoles, PC/Macs, computer monitors, TVs.

Smartphones and Tablets

USB Wall and Car Chargers

The more amps the charger has, the faster you can charge your larger devices. You can now charge up to ten devices from the one charger.

For Android Quick Charge devices, choose the Quick Charge 3.0 chargers to take advantage of faster charging speeds.

All Comsol Apple cables are Apple certified under the Apple MFi licensing program, guaranteeing hassle free charging and data transfer. Non-certified cables risk being de-activated by Apple and may not be compatible with future iOS upgrades.


To ensure you get the correct charger and power cord for your laptop, check and match the voltage and amperage of your laptop or existing charger.

The voltage (V) and maperage (A) will be on the product’s rating label – usually moulded into the plastic which houses the electrical circuits.

Then, check the connectors on your devices – chargers come with a variety of connector, so you’ll need to make sure they match so you can connect.

Phones and Routers

Cat 5 Ethernet
  • Connect your modem/router to your PC, laptop or game consoles
  • Download speeds of up to 1000Mb per second (1 Gigabit per second)
  • Connects devices such as modems, games consoles, Macbook/laptops and PC/Macs
Cat 6 Ethernet
  • A newer version of Ethernet cable, this cable delivere better quality and faster transfer speeds
  • Download speeds of up to 10,000Mb per second (10 Gigabit per second) means you
    are less likely to experience buffering or bottlenecks
  • Connects devices such as modems, games consoles, Macbook/laptops and PC/Macs


A powerbank is a modern miracle, and is also a rechargeable battery that charges your mobile device when you are away from a power outlet.

  • The higher the amps on the Powerbank, the faster you can charge your larger devices
  • The higher the mAh, the more charges you can get out of your powerbank before it needs recharging

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