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USB – the fast, safe and universal connector

Charging technology is often powered by USB – popular because it is fast, safe and able to power large devices.

Although referred to simply as “USB cable”, current models are called USB-C or USB Type-C, and use Power Delivery (USB PD) technology. This allows for the fastest and most efficient possible charging of any device.

USB Power Delivery

Delivers rapid charging up to 100 watts for a wide range of devices – meaning laptops can be charged via the same USB cables which charge your Airpods.

USB Type C

The latest model of USB is a huge step up from those in use since the 1990s. This new technology has been widely adopted by manufacturers who have integrated components such as Power Delivery into their products.

Charge up to 70% faster*

USB PD charges faster and provides more power to tablets and laptops than standard 5W charging solutions.

*Than standard 5W USB charging

One connector to charge them all

Small and easy to store and transport, USB PDs are referred to as a “universal charging solution” because they can connect to every device which requires power delivery. USB-C also powers in both directions, so you can share information between devices – using the same cord to safely transmit power on any device, from laptop to tablet, smartphone and desktop.


The beauty of USB-C charging is it is the most up to date technology – designed to meet the requirements of the latest model devices and power sources.

Other models of USB, such as USB-A, are older and were built for older models of devices which required less power.

The up to date technology inside the chip means it can recognize the size of your device, and exactly how much juice is needed to power, sync and connect – removing any no risk of damaging the circuitry by sending laptop-level power through your Airpods.

It can also detect the model of your device, for example Apple or Samsung, and ensure it charges and syncs just like the original USB cord it came with.

The future of charging is here

We know you want to charge and sync as quickly as efficiently as possible, which is why Comsol has committed to delivering the future of charging.

Our USB-C and PD capable cords ensure quick, safe, and seamless power and data transfer without juggling multiple accessories.

All certified, tested and guaranteed to perform – our range also comes in the most on-trend colourways and materials so you can connect confidently, in style.

We also understand you may be using older model devices, so we stock older models of USB cords for that, too.

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