USB Car Chargers

Stay charged on the move

Whether you’re travelling for business and need to keep your phone charged, want to keep your music device alive, or simply just like to have a full battery at all times, we have you sorted.

Comsol’s USB car chargers vary in size, ensuring you can charge anywhere from one device to three – whether you’re plugging in USB lightning cables or mini USB cables. We also know you need to cater for your backseat passengers, so we have cords which extend the sharing capability to the back, too.

USB car chargers are one of the most convenient device chargers to have, whether you need to charge your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android or other device. Never be caught with a flat battery on the move when you stock up on USB car chargers.

All our USB wall chargers are safe to use and compliant with local and offshore rules to protect you, your loved ones and your must have devices.

Perfect for mobile phones, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, wearable tech, GPS, MP3 Player or Bluetooth devices on the go.