2mtr USB 3.0 Extension Cable A(M) to A(F)

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Designed for the next generation USB 3.0 SuperSpeed USB devices with data transfer rates up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0. This cable is used to extend the distance of your existing USB 3.0 cable or USB 2.0 cable.

• 1 x 9 Pin USB 3.0 Type A male connector
• 1 x 9 Pin USB 3.0 Type A female connector
• Fully moulded cable
• Foil shielded twisted pair cable
• Overall braided shield
• Data transfer rate up to 4.8Gbps
• Backward compatible with USB 2.0

1 review for 2mtr USB 3.0 Extension Cable A(M) to A(F)

  1. John Adriaan

    This cable does everything it says it does:
    * It’s two meters long;
    * It extends an existing USB 3.0 port;
    * It transfers data with no loss of speed.

    BUT: It doesn’t mention what power demands it supports. With USB 3.0 being touted for as much as 100W, you don’t want a flimsy cable. This cable seems thick enough; but Comsol don’t give power figures.

    Therefore, I only give this cable four stars.

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