Power Bank Chargers

Portable Power – stay connected on the go

Don’t get caught out with no battery, and no power point. Comsol’s power banks are so stylish and compact – you’ll never forget to pack them.

Choose from the latest designs and colourways for ultra fast charging on the go. Whether you’re heading off the grid, are constantly on the move, or simply want peace of mind: Comsol power banks will keep you connected.

Beyond convenience, our power banks are safe to use, lightweight and are a breeze to store and transport. The broad range of colours and styles suit not only the latest tech trends, but your lifestyle, too. Match your power bank to the newest models of smartphones, tablets and wearable tech – or stand out from the crowd with vibrant and fun colourways.

Extend your battery life in style – and fast – with Comsol’s power banks.