HDMI Cables & Adapters

Connect and project for outstanding visuals

Redefine your viewing experiences with Comsol’s range of HDMI cables and adaptors. These devices allow you to transmit high definition, high resolution imagery for exceptional movies, TV shows, video games and business presentations.

Comsol’s range includes the cables and adaptors you need to connect a range of devices including set top boxes, Apple TV, Macbook, MacBook Pro or Windows laptops and computers with televisions, projectors, and home entertainment systems.

Our adaptors ensure you can connect any device, no matter its compatibility. Simply plug in and connect to open your device to the world of high definition viewing.

Whether your connecting a blu-ray player, set top box, gaming console or computers, Comsol’s cables and adaptors ensure maximum bandwidth, reduced interference and noise distortion, maximum connectivity and the most advanced 4K and 3D applications.