Ethernet Networking Cables & Accessories

Network connections for faster, better performance

Comsol knows your network is only as good as your infrastructure. That’s why we have a robust range of ethernet networking cables and accessories to help you connect faster and perform better.

Our ethernet cables are built for durability and long term high performance, to connect switches, storage devices, routers, modems, host adapters and patch panels.

Connect routers, computers, Wi-Fi modems, smart Tvs, gaming consoles and more with superior signals, faster connection speeds and reduced signal interferences.

Tested to exceed TIA/EIA standards and certified to ACMA requirements, Comsol’s ethernet cables are built to make your network connections as efficient as possible.

Comsol’s ethernet cables and accessories also include adaptors for ensuring you can use the latest and most powerful digital assets. Our products also come in a range of colours and cable lengths for easy organisation and storage.