Our ambition is to give you faster, higher calibre, and more powerful technology options, with ease and style.

Our products are made with style, quality and value in mind so you can stay connected at home, work or school or university. Innovative and stylish, Comsol’s products are designed to solve your tech problems and improve your viewing, network and audio experiences.

We connect you to the world you need, whether your want to relax at home with the best sound and images, have the latest accessories to match your favourite devices, or to ensure you’ve got the right tools for small business or study. We don’t just get you connected, we keep you connected with confidence.

Founded in 1991, our product range and inventory has grown exponentially to keep up with the technology needs of our savvy and stylish customers. We have guided you through the emergence of smaller, faster and more powerful machines; the transformation of mobile phones, and the evolution of wearable tech – and will keep guiding you through whatever comes next.